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Voice Integration: Make your Bot Listen and Speak!

Telephony Voice Bots

Build a telephony- and voice-enabled bot in the programming language you love. Integrate your voice bot with the aid of our API.

Smart Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Make IVR systems conversational with our API and telephony platform. Transfer seamlessly from voice bot to agent.

Agent Assistance

Support your agents with our live transcriptions and information retrieved from your backend systems.

Voice Integration for your Customer Dialog

Support your employees through the use of AI. Automate your telephone (customer) dialogs by using a voice bot based on STT and TTS processes! Give your chatbot a voice. We support you with our flexible and user-friendly API and our telephony platform.

Uncomplicated Integration

  • Powerful and simple APIs to make your telephony voice bot listen and speak
  • Easy development: develop telephony voice bots in your programming language
  • Seamless integration into 4Com and Telekom Deutschland contact centers
  • Flexibility: further voice integrations into other contact centers on request

Flexibilty and Data Security Included

  • AI/NLU platforms: Boost.AI, Cognigy™, Dialogflow®, Parlamind, Rasa
  • TTS/STT engines: Amazon™, Google™, IBM®, Microsoft®, Nuance®, Speechmatics®
  • Languages: more than 100 languages for STT and TTS
  • Best data security: Made and hosted in Germany or on-premise

Business Processes Accessible via Voice

Our Cloud Services provide a scalable telephony platform and hardware-accelerated audio signal processing. We also offer an easy to use REST API and various market-leading AI-based STT and TTS products in many languages (Amazon™, Google™, IBM®, Microsoft®, Nuance®, Speechmatics®).

Your enterprise provides business logic, NLU / NLP (e.g. Boost.AI, Cognigy™, Dialogflow®, Parlamind, Rasa) and the integration of backend systems.

Together we develop telephony voice bots, smart IVRs or agent assistance for a great caller experience!

'Voice-ify' your Calls

With our user-friendly REST-based APIs you can handle your incoming calls just as easy as web requests. You only need to implement a few web hooks to get informed about new calls and to receive utterances as text.

Use the programming language, NLU and NLP you love.
Send text back to us for a spoken answer. Use SSML too make the answer sound more natural.

Find out more about our REST API

Get your Contact Center Future-Ready

  • More natural IVR dialogs for pre-qualification
  • Option to integrate a voice bot to agent transfer including context information
  • Significantly shorter call handling times with agent assistance
  • Use our live transcriptions to retrieve information which is displayed on the agent desktop

We offer a ready to use voice integration for your bot for 4Com and Deutsche Telekom IVRs and Multichannel ACDs. You run another contact center? Ask us for APIs and integration support!

Customize Your Voice Project

To express and to reproduce your brand personality on our audio touch points in terms of sound, we provide various voices for each language. Use SSML to personalize and to adjust these voices in rate, pitch and volume. Sounds and background music can be played to make the whole world of sound come alive.

Fluid and dynamic voice interactions require fast and accurate results from STT. We will help you to find the best STT engine for your use case. All major products are available with us. For continuous optimization we also offer support with training of the speech model.

Designed from Specialists for Specialists

Lindenbaum Cognitive Voice is the optimum solution for companies and organizations wanting to use AI for their enterprise platforms, e.g.:

  • Companies wishing to automate (customer) voice dialogs or to assist responses to them
  • Voice application developers and system integrators
  • Service providers and telecommunications companies wishing to contribute to digital transformation
  • Voice consultants and service designers
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Safety First: Data Security Compliance

Lindenbaum's Cognitive Voice Services are located in Germany, complying with German and EU privacy regulations - for the highest degree of data security.

Our Tariffing
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Our Tariffing

Our tariffing is subscription-based (OPEX) and depends on the number of dialogs per month to be automated or assisted. To enable a fast kick-off, limited trials (unsupported) are for free and your projects may start with no upfront costs. At the same time we can offer our experience and expertise to be incorporated into your voice projects right from the start.

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