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Lindenbaum GmbH from Karlsruhe has been developing its own conference solutions since 1999 and operates them for its customers in the Lindenbaum cloud.

In 2006 we received the innovation prize from the Initiative Mittelstand for our audio conference system with integrated application sharing (web meetings).

We use interfaces (REST APIs) to allow our customers to integrate our conference services in their own applications. You will receive support and customer service directly from Lindenbaum.

Customers of our conferencing cloud include SMEs in Europe from all industry sectors as well as globally active financial services providers and companies with production sites in several countries.

Telecommunications services

Lindenbaum is registered with the Federal Network Agency as a provider of telecommunications services and meets the corresponding legal requirements. You can download the directory The directory can be downloaded here.

Via interfaces (REST APIs) we offer our customers the integration of conference services into their own applications. Support and service in the customer care you receive directly from Lindenbaum.

Our conferencing cloud clients include SMEs in Europe across all industries, as well as global financial service providers or companies with production sites in multiple countries

Rainer Holler – CEO

Rainer Holler has been CEO of Lindenbaum since September 2020.

He set himself the goal of further developing Lindenbaum into an international software company through an extensive restructuring process. He has also been Managing Director of the Hanover-based software engineering company 4Com since December 2018. Before becoming CEO of Lindenbaum and 4Com, the business graduate and EMBA Holler had been Vice President Information Technology at Sartorius AG since 2013.

Rainer Holler meditates regularly to find inner peace. His credo is: "You cannot make good decisions without calm and gratitude!"