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Your Web Portal

Simply schedule your conference call or webconference in Lindenbaum’s web portal. With only a few clicks you book and personalize your conference call, and click in features such as chat and recording. Email the invitation to your participants via a direct link, or share via social networks of your choice.

Lindenbaum’s web portal is available on your PC/Mac, your tablet or your smartphone. Its user interface cleverly matches the end user device.

Booking is easy!

Setting up your conference is only a few clicks away.

Click in your participants, optionally refine your conference by enabling the chat feature and/or a security code, and you’re done.

Conference Overview

Lindenbaum’s conference overview gives you an up to date overview of your current conferences.

This single overview provides you with your booked conferences, and you can directly start your next one.

Manage your Attachments

In your portal you not only manage your conferences; you can also manage your attachments.

Import your contacts from your addressbook, and add by clicking in your participants.

Presentations, PDF - or audiofiles or any other filetypes are uploaded into the Lindenbaum platform and are immediately and securely available for your conference.

If you enabled the recording feature, your recording is available directly after your conference.

Manage Accounts

Via Lindenbaum’s integrated account management you can add additional accounts for your colleagues for organising conference calls until the maximum number of participants of your plan has been reached.

You can decide which features you will make available for the specific organiser.

All in sight

You always have full insight in your conference while benefitting from the many features of the Lindenbaum platform.

You see who is speaking, or you can mute participants.

Did your conference reach the desired number of participants? You can then lock the conference to avoid that more participants will enter. Of course you can always open up your conference again.

Record your Conference

Hang on to what’s being said and done. Record your conference call, your Webinar and your web presentation .

The Lindenbaum platform makes your recording available as MP3 audiofile, or as an MP4 videofile.

Open and freeze your Conference

Did your conference reach the desired number of participants? You can freeze the participants of your conference so that no more participants can enter. You can open up your conference again at any time.

Manage your participants

You continuously see which participant is speaking (green circle), and you can mute participants if so required.

You can temporarily reduce the number of participants by parking them in a waiting room. These parked participants will be presented music on hold until you put them back in the main conference again.


Do you want to exchange information without interrupting your Conference? You can send chat messages to individual or all participants with e.g. emoticons to express sentiments or opinions.

Add participants

Is your conference running but it’s beneficial to add another participant with expert knowledge? You can simply call additional participants from the web portal, or send additional invitation-links to people who can then join.

Your meeting will facilitate complex answers from multiple sources, thus making efficient use of everyone’s time.