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Your conference call secured to the best

Access Codes

Each conference call is secured by an individual access code.


No guessing of conference links thanks to cryptographic strings.

List of participants

In the list of participants you always see who is currently participating in the conference call.

Easy configuration

Conferences can be closed and the access codes can be changed.

Secure conference calls

Conference call provider at server location Germany

Conference calls are replacing personal meetings more and more. To ensure that only invited participants listen in we rely on various security aspects.

The Lindenbaum GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, is registered with the Federal Network Agency as a provider of telecommunications services and complies with the corresponding legal requirements.

Participation is only possible with an invitation or access code
Links contain cryptographic strings instead of plain text so that the identifier can not be guessed
Start / stop recording or deactivate permanently
The participant list shows who is in your conference call
Additional security code
Limit the number of participants
Lock the conference
Change the access codes for a conference
Set up conferences with only onetime access codes

The right conference call provider for your conferences

Lindenbaum has been a successful conference call provider since 1999. Audio quality comes first with Lindenbaum, a pre-requisite for successful conference calls. Simply set up your conference call through your account and participate from anywhere.

On our servers we take care of e.g. active smoothing of your participant's audio levels. Background noise from your participants is filtered out for an improved user experience.

International Conferences

Manage your international conferences with dial-in numbers in many countries in the world. Lindenbaum’s many dial-in numbers ensure that your participants avoid costly international calls.

Your participants can simply chose their national or international dial-in numbers of choice to enter into a conference call. If your participants enjoy flat-rate plans they will not incur any extra cost to participate.

Carry out large conferences

Your conference can be as large as 1000 participants.

Our consultants and operators are available if you want Lindenbaum’s assistance with conferences of this size.

Book your conference call now! Business flat rates start at 24 €.

Easy online configuration of your conference

Set up your conference in Lindenbaum’s web portal or via Lindenbaum’s very convenient Outlook® Add-in.

Does the booking of multiple individual conferences become inconvenient? You can set up a permanent conference room (a so called anytime conference call), or make use of Lindenbaum’s recurring conference feature to set up conference calls for your recurring meetings.

Dial-in conference

Make a conference call with ease

It’s very easy for participants to enter into an audio conference. You can dial into the Lindenbaum platform via dial-in numbers, or you can set the Lindenbaum platform to call each participant. The entered numbers are stored so that the next conference call is even more easy.

Connect with ease:

  • Via computer and our VoIP client
  • Participate via browser (Web RTC).
  • Streaming: Participants can only hear your audio
  • Participants get called by the conferencing system and connected to the conference

Many more features

Our conferences offer many more features, such as the announcement of names (roll calls) at the beginning and end of your conference call; participants without speaking possibilities; start of the conference call when the moderator enters; and many more.

Complete your conference call with a web conference, for instance online meetings or online presentations, and present your presentation on your participants’ screens.

Please take up contact with us if you need specific features. We design our own software and its perfectly possible for us to include new features – if it isn’t already supported!

FAQ Conference Calls

How does a Conference Call work?

Can I re-use an already scheduled Conference Call?

Yes, Conference Calls can be re-used and multiplied. Either select the “Anytime Conference” conference-type without a fixed time/date combination, or copy an existing Conference Call.

Can I participate via my PC?

For every Conference Call you can decide to participate via “normal” phone or via your PC and headset.

Is it possible to enter only with PIN numbers?

No. After receipt of your invitation you can participate in various ways (ref your Participant Portal). For instance, you can have the platform call you or dial in via your PC. A cumbersome PIN number in that case is not required.