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Book your conference with Outlook®

Schedule your conference call or web meeting in your familiar Outlook® environment.

Booking your meetings with the Lindenbaum Outlook® Add-in is as easy as setting up a normal Outlook® meeting. You can invite participants directly, receive attendance confirmation and maintain your meeting overview in Outlook® calendar.

You can also start a Webinar with the Lindenbaum one-click app application.

Download Outlook® Add-in

Download One-Click App

Book your conference with ease

Plan your conference easily via the web portal and invite participants for your meeting. After completing your booking you receive an email with all relevant details of your conference. Simply send this mail to your participants.

Alternatively you can send your meeting invitation via email or social media.

Centralised Conference Planning

Via direct integration with your contact center you can leave the process of scheduling & inviting to your support team.

Manage all your company meetings via the detailed overview of planned conferences. This overview gives you detailed insights in planned conferences, attendants, and much more.