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Desktop sharing for your online meetings

Project meetings

Visualise your requirements, ideas and remarks in online Web-Meetings.

Sales meetings

Convince customers in a web meeting, and present your company and products in full HD in a personal atmosphere.

Online education

Educate employees, students, customers and business partners online and interactively. Everyone is coherently educated without on-site meetings.

Contract negotiations

Directly negotiate contracts with your partners; and collectively and directly implement changes.

Share your screen in online meetings

In your online meetings you can decide to share your entire screen or just one individual application. Or you can share just one screen if you work with multiple.

In preview mode the Lindenbaum platform displays what you are actually will present. This ensures that you will only show your participants what you really want to present.

Your participants can use a pointer to indicate important sections of their screens to you, to highlight their questions or remarks.

Collectively work on documents in online meetings

Documents on your screen can be modified collectively. A participant with remote access works in the application that has been assigned to him/her, as if the keyboard was connected to his/her own device.

You can make available the results of the collectively made changes via the file repository that is securely available for all participants on the Lindenbaum platform; or share your results via email or filesharing applications.

You can use the whiteboard to draw on an image on your screen, write comments or highlight specific areas.

Video to get closer

Up to 8 participants can share their videostreams amongst eachother in an online meeting. Participants can not only watch and speak to eachother. Also their non-verbal communication is clearly visible to everyone which is a decisive element for a good meeting atmosphere in a video conference.

Secure screen sharing

Lindenbaum’s platform makes use of the 256 bit AES encryption mechanism. Your data and your communication are both encrypted by this AES mechanism during your online meeting, which is one of the best available ones to date.

The entire data transmission is SSL encrypted if the web-clients are used on IOS, Android, Windows Phone or Linux devices.

Our servers are exclusively located in German datacenters and comply with the most stringent security requirements from the German security laws and regulations.

Participate with easy in an online meeting

You only need a laptop PC with Windows or Mac OS PC to share your full screen, or one single application. In addition to laptop PC’s your participants can use any end user device, so tablets, smartphones with Android, IOS or Windows Phone.