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Your products presented at its best

Project meetings

Visualise your requirements, ideas and comments in online online meetings.

Sales meetings

Convince customers in a Web Meeting, and present your company and products in full HD.

Online education

Educate employees, customers and business partners with easy to understand visual screens.

Conference contributions

Make use of modern technologies when on the road or from home to prepare and present your contributions.

Follow the presentation online

Simply present your products online during your conference call. PowerPoint® presentations and PDF files are supported.

You and your participants only need a browser; for instance Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Edge or Safari. Supported devices include a PC, Mac, tablet, or a smartphone. Your participants can use an iPad to follow your web presentation. No other software, plug-ins or downloads are required, thanks to Lindenbaums’ use of HTML5.

Online presentations with up to 1.000 participants

Online presentations support conferences with up to 1000 participants.

Our servers are configured to serve files very rapidly. This will benefit you for small and large online presentations.

Online Presentations with animations

Lindenbaum’s online presentations support animations and transitions. Your online presentation will display the same effects as on-site presentations over a beamer.

If you record your conference your animations will also be recorded. The participants who could not attend the conference should have the same experience as the conference participants.

The house style that you used will also remain available so that your presentations stay as close to your corporate brand as possible.

Show PowerPoint® online

The presentation of your slides works in a similar way to presentation programs known to you, such as PowerPoint®. You can change the slides step by step using keyboard / mouse or swipe gestures, or you can use the slide preview. In addition, you can point to certain parts of the presentation by using the pointing arrow.

The display of the presentation is automatically optimized for the screen size of each participant. For best readability on large screens we do not convert characters to images to keep the characters razor-sharp on large screens.