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Record your conference

Legal and company requirements may necessitate the recording of your conference. The Lindenbaum platform offers granular recording possibilities for your conference call, your online meeting and your online presentation.

The result of an audio conference call is an audio File (MP3). Recordings of images and audio result in a video file (MP4). Recordings are available in your Lindenbaum’s web portal after completing your conference.

Participants that missed your conference (e.g. important briefings) can also play out your recording via the phone.

Recordings in Full HD

The recordings of a web presentation and Webinars result in full HD quality videofiles, provided that a resolution of 1.920 x 1.080 pixels was transmitted.

To ensure that videofiles remain compact we make use of the most modern MP4 fileformat with the H.264 codec, which is natively supported by all modern platforms (OS and browsers).

You can now watch your recordings without the need to download software or clients, directly in your browser.