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Server location Germany

In Germany companies and private individuals enjoy higher level of privacy protection than anywhere else. That’s why our high performance servers are located exclusively in Germany, and are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. They comply with Germany’s most stringent privacy laws and Germany’s “Telekommunikations Gesetz TKG”. Now you know that your data will not fall into the wrong hands.

Lindenbaum actively participates in the "Cloud Services Made in Germany" initiative."

Secure Conference Calls

We make your conference calls as secure as possible. Therefor our access links and invitations include cryptic character sequences instead of plain text.

Secure your conference call even more by freezing the number of participants and PIN codes. Additional security measures include your regular changed access data, or access data with one-off validity.

If so desired we can permanently disable the recording feature for your meetings.

Secure screen transmission

We make use of the 256-bit AES encryption mechanism, which is one of the best protection methods for your data and communication channels. The entire data transmission takes place in TLS if webclients are used on IOS, Android, Windows Phone or Linux.

We use “Serverlocation Germany”; our servers are located exclusively in German datacenters and comply with the most stringent security regulations and directives of European and German privacy laws.

HTML5. No Flash!

In recent years Adobe Flash® appeared to cause consistent security risks. Our applications for conference organisers and -participants are therefore entirely Flash-free.

Instead we make use of HTML5 technology. This HTML5 technology allows for the development of interactive and very comfortable applications for browsers – without the inherent weaknesses of Flash.

Protection of our applications

We protected our web-applications against attacks by making use of the most modern technology in a multi-layered design.

Datatransmission is encrypted via TLS (Transport Layer Security), the industry standard for secure internet connections.

We signed all our programs on our and your servers by means of code signing. The software publisher can now be reliably identified as Lindenbaum. The Lindenbaum code signature will be void immediately in case the software is altered by other parties.

Your alternative: Everything in your Network

Do you have requirements to run all conference calls, web presentations and web meetings in-house?

We’re proud to offer you exactly that possibility. Lindenbaum can install its software inhouse (i.e. on-premise) in your own IT environment. Connectivity with most current PBX-es is done via SIP trunks.

Contact us for more details.