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Together with, we revolutionize automated customer service: through AI-based voice integration!

Conversational AI as a powerful technology enables companies to offer their customers and employees efficient, always-available and user-friendly self-service through a conversational interface. Recent advances in voice technologies are now making it possible to carry over the benefits of conversational AI to traditional voice-based telephone support.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with, a leading European provider of conversational AI. This new integration combines Lindenbaum’s Cognitive Voice with’s easy-to-use conversational AI platform to enable companies to use voice as the primary channel for customer service. This end-to-end solution enables the development of virtual voice agents that can interact with end users via a telephony system supported by Conversational AI.

The combination of Conversational AI with the flexibility of Cognitive Voice empowers companies to use artificial intelligence to revolutionize their legacy IVR systems. The integration of the conversational IVR offers the following advantages:


Flexibility: simultaneous transcription of several audio files, configurable STT and TTS services and much more

Technology: support of numerous languages, advanced NLU and NLP, many options for audio optimization etc.

Simplicity: simple operation, use possible without prior technical knowledge and experience

Security: strict GDPR and data protection compliance; all data processing takes place within the EU


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