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Enhance your investor relations communication

We support you with our solution

Corporate communication is crucial for every element of your business. Choose a cost-effective and yet feature-rich communication solution to enhance your investor relations communications and to share business information with your stakeholders via telephone.

Therefore numerous useful features like muting are available to you.


One solution for many use cases

Audio quality even at a high number of participants

Lindenbaum's conferencing solution is the perfect match for your quarterly presentations, ad hoc investor relations conferences, business reports and much more.

Bring your team and your stakeholders together with ease – no matter if this means 10 people or 1000.


Scheduled or ad hoc

For your IR conferences set up permanent conference rooms or schedule your conference call ad hoc with a few clicks.

Crystal clear audio

Conferences with a compelling audio quality – no matter if 5, 50 or even 1.000 people are attending.


Data transmission and communication of your IR conferences are encrypted.


Record your IR conferences (audio and video), save them and share them with the participants.

Made in Germany

Our conference solution is hosted in high performance data centers in Germany.

Participate with ease

Easy participation via telephone or web browser (WebRTC) – No plugins or installations required.

Operator Assistance

A team of operators can take care of booking your investor relations conference, inviting everyone and managing your conference or Q&A session.

No Plugins or Downloads

Communicate seamlessly with integrated presentations and state of the art HTML5 technology.

Process Investor Relations Conference

investor relations conference process
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