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Our Operator Call Center is often used for:

Executive Conferencing

Premium conferences with the highest data protection standards for your management - guaranteed by the server location Germany.

Assisted conferences

Premium conference calls and premium online meetings with operator assistance as a perfect support for your customers.


Be right in the middle with one click.


Advanced features for perfect support in your company.

Premium conferences for your customers

Keep the overview

Lindenbaum’s Operator Call Center (OCC) offers all the classical features you have come to expect from a fully-featured inbound call center. Via Lindenbaum’s OCC your customer care staff have permanent control over all the planned and taking place conferences of your company.



Employ your own operators

For an optimal customer service

For the central support of your inbound conferences, you can simply use your own client advisor staff as operators in the OCC.

You can organize your operator teams along capabilities or skills (e. g. product knowledge or languages spoken). Due to the server location Germany, the highest standards of data protection are included.



Advanced features

More closeness with the advanced management features

The advanced management features of Lindenbaum’s OCC offer your customer care colleagues many features. Next to classical features such as muting particular participants, the OCC offers the possibility to speak directly with a specific or all participants, to set up sub-conferences, and much more.

Easily organized

Sub conferences for different participant groups

Simply organize conferences with multiple groups of participants by means of sub conferences.

Sub conferences are ideal for a discussion between some of your participants in a temporary, separate and smaller sized conference. You can merge sub conferences back into the main conference.

One-Stop Service

Service for your customers and employees

Your customers or employees don’t want to book their conferences themselves? No problem!

With Lindenbaum’s OCC your customer service team can book and manage your conferences.

Be right in the middle with one click

Easy management of premium conferences

With Lindenbaum’s OCC you can manage even large premium conferences very easily. With one single click you can send your greeting to all participants and receive verbal messages back.

Enter directly into a conference or speak with targeted, single participants. Control Q&A sessions with very little effort – and stay on top.

Discrete support

Easy accesss through monitoring

In the course of a premium conference your support team can appropriately stay in the background; and actively step in when the need arises.

Lindenbaum’s conferencing monitoring feature offers quick and easy access to the conference: support the moderator with his/her moderation work when the conference is in progress, or during the last phases of the conference.

I was there!

Follow-up easily done

For e.g. compliance reasons you may decide to record your premium conference. The recordings will be available directly after the conference in your account, for you to share with all participants – or store it in your storage facilities.

You can download the list of participants. This is particularly important for conferences or webinars that require proof of participation, such as professional education with participation certificates.

Process of a conference with Operator Call Center

operator call center process

Lindenbaum event conferences


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