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Outsource your WebRTC traffic to the Lindenbaum MRF platform

API integration

Integrate your apps

Contact center in the cloud

Run the media traffic of your contact centers on Lindenbaum’s MRF


Crystal clear audio conferences with Lindenbaum

Intelligent voice

Voicebot-driven customer calls in your contact center, no agent involved

Voice network

Outsource your voice network to the platform

Your MRF platform

Lindenbaum’s MRF is designed for (virtual) network operators (VNO) and application service providers (ASP). It’s the best choice for consistent network-wide real time media processing for crystal clear audio.

Optimise your network capacity by separating media traffic from other traffic. It comes with a compact form factor and high integratability.

Benefit from common audio conditioning to all your audio such as voice quality enhancement, echo cancellation, noise reduction, gain control and many more.
Use our API to integrate the platform into existing or new applications.

The MRF is scalable from small to large clusters and can be operated (geo) redundant.

Interesting for your company?

Cloud or in-house

The platform and services are available as cloud or in-house solutions. Financial model based on:
  • CAPEX (capacity license)
  • OPEX (pay-per-use)
Deployment options:
  • CAPEX (capacity license), you run platform
  • Mix CAPEX with OPEX (e.g. OPEX for overflow)
  • OPEX (pay-per-use), Lindenbaum runs platform

Intelligent Voice

With the integrated AI voicebot Lindenbaum’s MRF is perfectly equipped for intelligent voice solutions. Integration of multiple ASR/TTS engines and speech technologies for in-network services.

  • ASR, TTS
  • Voice bot / NLU
  • Live Transcriptions

Media conditioning

Benefit from quality enhancements such as acoustic echo cancellation, noise cancellation and gain control for all your audio.

Seemless transcoding and transrating between codecs / bitrates gives you all the flexibility you need. Convert between different signals such as TDM, SIP or WebRTC.

Lindenbaum – own conferencing service


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